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Tuup Ltd. is a Finnish startup company and was founded in 2015. Tuup Ltd. develops an integrated multi-modal mobility application that allows you to plan a route, compare the various mobility options and costs of different mobility services, easily and safely from one application. The independent European research named Tuup the most promising European mobility Startup in 2016.


Pekka Möttö
Chief Executive Officer
Johanna Taskinen
Chief Experience Officer
Paavo Moilanen
Chief Technology Officer
Pekka Niskanen
Chief Operating Officer
Jouni Lounasmaa
Chief Financial Officer
Hannu Tapanila
Software developer
Tapani Moilanen
Software developer
Olavi Mustanoja
Software developer
Ville Vartiainen
Software developer
Markus Moilanen
Software developer
Osmo Salomaa
Software developer
Jaana Ylikoski
Marketing Coordinator

Emails forename.surname@tuup.fi

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