Tuup offers multi-modal daily traveling, including Kyyti on-demand ride service in one app.
All mobility options are included urban transit, intercity bus & train, car rental & sharing and city bikes. Kyyti taxi-pooling service is flexible, convenient and affordable.


Tuup – One shop for all rides!

  • Tuup is an intelligent application that allows you to plan a route, compare the various mobility options and pay different mobility services, easily and safely from one application.
  • Tuup displays the various options to get from point A to point B.
  • Tuup displays the arrival and departure times e.g. busses, trains and trams in Finland.
  • Tuup also allows you to see the available City Bikes in Helsinki as well as the car-sharing stations.
  • New! You can now order Kyyti via Tuup application.


You can now order Kyyti from Tuup-application!

  • Kyyti is a taxi-pooling service and takes you always door to door.
  • The Kyyti system is based on the efficient use of vehicles. We can offer a Kyyti to all customers cost efficiently if everyone accepts that there may be other passengers as well.
  • You can choose the “taxi-like” Express option, the slightly more flexible Flex option, or the cheapest Smart option, if your travel needs don’t require you to be on a tight schedule. You can significantly affect the price by giving us more possibilities for pooling flexible Kyyti if you are able to be flexible in your travel and waiting times.
  • Kyyti is always paid in advance, so you know the price beforehand.

Download Tuup, register and order Kyyti!

Read more: www.kyyti.info
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Services easy in use

Finding, paying for and using mobility services is quick and easy. New mobility services will be integrated to the service continuously.

Coming soon:

  • Taxi services
  • Long-Distance busses and trains
  • Helsinki region public transport (HSL) tickets
  • Other urban public transport tickets
  • more Car Rentals
  • PiggyBaggy –trade carpooling